Spaghetti Bottarga

Bottarga, or cured mullet roe, adds a toasted almond flavor with a pleasant bitterness in this lavish pasta dish.

3 pounds Barilla Collezione Spaghetti
1 cup Extra virgin olive oil
3 lobes aged mullet bottarga, finely grated, divided
Sea salt & ground black pepper

1. Bring salted water to a boil in steam-jacketed kettle or large stockpot on stovetop. Add pasta; cook 1 min. less than directed on package. Reserve 3 cups pasta cooking water. Drain pasta; return to pot.

2. Whisk olive oil, 2/3 of the grated bottarga and salt and pepper to taste to form a thick sauce. Slowly drizzle 1-1/2 cups reserved pasta water until emulsified.

3. Toss pasta and sauce mixture with tongs until evenly coated. Add additional pasta water as needed in ¼ cup increments.

4. Sprinkle with remaining bottarga and drizzle with additional olive oil before serving.

Chef Notes: Bottarga is a lobe of cured mullet roe. The roe sack is washed, salted, pressed and dried according to a centuries-old process. This delicacy is often referred to as “caviar of the Mediterranean” and mostly produced in Sicily and Sardinia.