Beurre Monté Pasta with Salt-Cured Produce

Mustard greens
Spring onions
Crystal lettuces
8 oz beurre monte
2 lasagne sheets cooked perfectly
Lots of Salt

Cut your vegetables into small pieces. Weight the cut vegetables and season them with 10% salt by weight. Allow them to sit overnight in the brine they will produce. Agitate or stir once or twice throughout the day. The following day, remove from brine and allow to dry on the counter or in a low oven until they begin to shrivel up a bit. Lightly dress with oil and store refrigerated until ready to use.

For the beurre monte, mince the garlic, and mustard greens and incorporate. Season with Salt.

To serve, gently warm and dress a perfectly cooked sheet of lasagna with the beurre monte. Fold the sheet to fit the plate and sauce the sheet again.

Finish with salt cured vegetables and leaves. Serve immediately and serve as hot as possible.