Our Position

Barilla says NO to GMO’s.

When it comes to using genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) in the agricultural and food industry, people are still concerned about the possible risks involved with this type of application and are wondering just what sort of real opportunities do actually exist.

Barilla has therefore decided to play it safe and refrain from the use of genetically modified ingredients, guaranteeing to use GMO-free ingredients for all its products This choice, which stems from our manufacturing strategy, is unrelated to any ideological commitments. Barilla is non-GMO Certified for all foodservice, United States products.

We only use the highest quality wheat.

Barilla is the largest durum wheat user in the world. In order to guarantee the same quality, taste, and safety of the Barilla pasta around the world, it is not possible to use a single variety of wheat, which is a natural product, subject to changes, sometimes significant, from a campaign to another. It is necessary to blend the wheat in order to always provide the same level of proteins to give pasta the taste and al dente texture that identify the Barilla® Product throughout the world. Within these guidelines, Barilla is committed as much as possible to buy the wheat in the same countries where pasta is produced.

No animal testing, ever.

At Barilla we do not test our products or raw materials on animals, nor do we fund, commission, co-author or otherwise support it, either directly or through third parties. We insist that our suppliers use alternatives to animal testing methods. An exception would only be made if regulatory authorities demanded it for safety or regulatory purposes, and even in this instance, Barilla will make every effort to identify and propose a non-animal alternative, which could fulfill the regulatory requirement, if possible. In order to assess the safety and quality of our products, we use a very broad range of methodologies, which do not include any type of animal testing.