Barilla Frozen, line-ready for your operation

Barilla Frozen®, line-ready for your operation

Barilla Frozen® delivers the same quality and consistency chefs expect from the #1 pasta brand in the US, but with the time- and labor-saving benefits of pre-cooked pasta. With our precise pre-cooking specification, Barilla Frozen® is ready for action and al-dente performance across a variety of cooking platforms and service styles. From microwaves to impingers, catering to ghost kitchens, Barilla Frozen® is line-ready and made to perform. Thanks to high-quality semolina and rigorous testing our frozen production process, Barilla Frozen® can flex between to-order service or be held for 30 minutes or longer – perfect for today’s delivery or catering environments.

Stocked at DOT Foods, US Foods, and other select Foodservice Distributors

Now available in Spaghetti, Linguine, and Fettuccine


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