Pasta Encyclopedia: Rotini (roh-tee-nee)

Rotini, which translates to “little wheels” or “twists” is a widely popular shape that is often confused with the similar fusilli. Don’t confuse it with rotelle, the little wheels that in America are often called “wagon wheel” pasta. Rotini hails from Northern Italy, with twists and spirals that allow it to embrace both refined and […]

Pasta Encyclopedia: Linguine

Linguine is one of the best-known pasta shapes, a staple of Italian-American cuisine for decades. But did you know that the name translates to “little tongues?” Linguine is similar to spaghetti or fettucine in length, but is actually oval in cross-section. In contrast, spaghetti ala chittarra is square in cross-section, and spaghetti is round.  Linguine […]