Lasagne 2.0: Wavy Lasagne

One of the most popular cuts of pasta is Wavy Lasagne – not to be confused with lasagna! Lasagne is plural and refers to the noodles themselves, also plural. Lasagna is Italian American parlance and refers to the popular cheesy composition that many consumer know and love. Each sheet of Barilla wavy lasagne is wide […]

Unleash the Power of Global Flavors

Consumers continue to expand their palates, seeking new ethnic foods and flavors. This trend is pushing operators and suppliers to add new and exciting ethnic varieties on menus.  Ethnic foods most commonly consumed by Canadians are Chinese (89%), Italian (84%) and Latin American/Mexican (82%). The increasing immigrant population is considered a significant driving factor for […]

Une Tendence Actuelle : La Lutte au Gaspillage Alimentaire au Canada

Les chefs et les restaurants sont sensibles depuis longtemps aux enjeux sérieux que sont la faim et l’insécurité alimentaire, mais ce n’est que récemment qu’ils se sont penchés sur la question parallèle du gaspillage alimentaire. Le documentaire Wasted! et le travail de nombreux organismes non gouvernementaux, de ReFED au Natural Resources Defense Council, ont contribué […]