Greetings from the Barilla Test Kitchen!

As a chef team, we got together with our editor to talk about some of the trend predictions we’ve been seeing, and where we thought they might take us in the year to come. Q: How might you develop a pasta dish for wellness or immunity? Chef Yury: There are lots of common ingredients that chefs […]

How to Create a Signature Pasta Dish

Greetings from the Barilla Test Kitchen! Chef Yury Krasilovsky, Executive Chef of Foodservice with Barilla America here. Today, I want to show you a process for coming up with a new special or signature pasta dish. When you’re feeling stuck or just need a little kickstart to your creativity, I find this really helpful, and […]

Tips To-Go: Pasta for Delivery and Takeout

In a recent post, we covered some best practices for pasta when working with delivery and takeout along with some winning ideas we’ve been seeing out in the marketplace. Now a few weeks later, we’re building on that in a Q&A format with some more tips and strategies, and highlights gleaned from our research partners. […]

Optimizing Pasta for Delivery and Takeout

In the Barilla Test Kitchen, we’ve been fielding a lot of questions about best practices for pasta when working with delivery and takeout. Pasta can be a useful tool in the moment, with comfort-food appeal, versatility across cuisines and formats, and as a food-cost-friendly platform for operators. Thanks to some pilot projects we’ve completed with […]

Demand for the Mediterranean Diet

Consumers and Operators alike are Hot for the Mediterranean Diet The chefs have spoken: 83% of chefs polled in the most recent NRA/ACF culinary forecast called out Mediterranean cuisine as either a “hot trend” or perennial favorite. There are several reasons for this consistent growth. Mediterranean cuisine is becoming more and more associated with healthful […]

Benvenuti to the Barilla Test Kitchen: Wheat Report

Today we’re going to explore something a little bit different than our usual culinary topics, with a look “under the hood” at pasta’s signature ingredient, durum wheat. Since pasta is made of just wheat and water, the type and quality of the wheat are critical to produce a high-quality product. Where lower quality pastas are […]

Benvenuti to the Barilla Test Kitchen!

This summer we presented a seminar at the Flavor Experience conference in Newport Beach, CA called “Not Your Nonna’s Italian” – about using authentic, regional Italian cuisine to stay modern and relevant with today’s consumer. Regional Italian cuisines hold a wealth of new ideas for American menus, which have been dominated for years by what […]

Benvenuti to the Barilla Test Kitchen: Trend #3: Molecular gastronomy, mainstreamed

  While the molecular gastronomy trend has mostly passed in Italy, there are many elements and techniques that remain and have become part of everyday cooking. Sous vide is very common – you even see it inNew York at Eataly to keep mozzarella at a proper temperature. Some nitrification still goes on, and even foams […]