As the leading brand of pasta and category expert since 1877, here at Barilla we keep a close eye on the trends in pasta both with consumers and on the menu. We recently got a fresh look at the menu data for 2022, and have a few highlights to share with our foodservice friends and […]

You may not know about all three of these new innovations from Barilla for Professionals. Barilla Frozen, Bulk Legume, and Lasagne Chef were made to save labor and resources, and fit the nutrition and sustainability goals of today’s progressive operators. Click the images below to learn more and request a sample. […]

We’re very excited to announce the hire of campus dining rockstar Michele Lefebvre from Cornell Dining to our team here at Barilla. Many of you already know Michele from campus dining circles, and if you don’t, here’s your introduction! You’ll hopefully get to see her soon on a campus visit or on the road at […]

Trending Now: Pesto

At Barilla we always have our eye on the sauces and ingredients that are paired with pasta, and one category we’ve been seeing a lot of late is pesto. Datassential estimates the 4-year growth potential for pesto as “strong” and expected to outperform 87% of other foods in that time. While the most common pesto […]

We love to teach chefs and consumers about pestos, one of the most versatile sauce families in the pasta world. A good pesto is just as at home on a sandwich or pizza as it is on pasta, making great for cross-utilization. Here’s your pesto 101: The word pesto comes from the Italian word pestare, […]

The return of live events and business travel is welcome news for all of us in foodservice and hospitality, and not only because of the sense of normalcy it brings. As culinarians, we’ve been missing a key ingredient in what fires our creativity and inspiration, which is being with other chefs, seeing, tasting and cooking […]

At the recent Global Plant Forward conference at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa, we were introduced to the “Future 50 Foods,” a set of food ingredients that are ripe for introduction to American menus. They make the list – curated by the World Wildlife Fund and Unilever – based on sustainability, availability, and […]

The foodservice program at UMASS is legendary, not just for its scale as the largest in the country, but for unrivaled quality, variety and guest satisfaction. You don’t win “Best Campus Food” from Princeton Review for 5 years running without being on top of your game! That takes constant adaptation to the needs of every […]

The judges have made their decision, and we have the top entries in the Barilla Great Bakes competition! The creativity shown by all the entrants was truly inspirational – we saw ideas that drew from Greek and Middle Eastern flavors, regional Italian, and even desserts! We hoped the entries would showcase the versatility of Barilla […]

The data are showing high levels of stress and anxiety among Gen Z, and a desire to eat for wellness and for comfort. But does that line up with what C&U operators are seeing every day on campus? We caught up with a few of the best in the industry to get their take: “Pre-pandemic, […]

Gen Z – generally those born between 1995 and 2008 – are a living case study of the long-term impacts of COVID, and our first opportunity to adjust foodservice offerings to meet their evolving needs. Here are a few insights and implications we’ve gathered together from the experts at Mintel and Datassential as 2022 takes […]

The close of 2021 comes with a sense of relief and hope for a new year…and also a slew of trend predictions for the new year. We always love to see what the experts at Flavor & the Menu magazine are predicting for the year to come. Even better, Chef Jamie Simpson at Chef’s Garden […]