Tis the Season: Chefs’ Top Picks for Holiday Pasta Delights! 

Pasta has a natural place on the holiday table, whether that table is on-premise or at home. We pulled together a few of our favorite recipes, and asked our chefs in the test kitchen for their go-to’s this season.  

Chef Lorenzo: 

“For me coming from Bologna, tortellini and lasagne are a must. In my region the holiday season lasagne is lasagne Bolognese, with a traditional meat sauce and bechamel base, and most often with a green spinach pasta dough. The tortellini are a made-by-hand tradition, served ‘en brodo’ in a simple but luxurious broth; it takes hours, but I still make them every year. At Barilla we sell tortellini pre-made, which does save a lot of time!”  

Chef Yury: 

“The holiday season calls for baked pasta dishes for me – all manner of lasagnes, baked ziti and rigatoni. They’re usually rich and indulgent, and fit for both sharing and special occasions.”   

Baked Rigatoni with Pesto Chicken, Prosciutto and Asparagus 

This recipe from Chef Tim hits all the right notes for the holidays – green from the pesto and asparagus, super savory and rich with the bechamel and prosciutto. Plus it’s easy to prep ahead and hold or serve for large parties and catering.  

Risotto-Style Barilla Orzo with Butternut Squash and Truffled Burrata 

This recipe from Chef Lorenzo would be amazing on any catering or holiday menu. It’s rich, indulgent, and looks great on the plate. It’s mostly prep-ahead with a quick pickup before service. A little truffled burrata goes a long way!  

Charcuterie Board with Terrine of Lasagne 

First of all, yes, these are very much still a thing. And with good reason! This version from the incomparable Chef Jamie Simpson of the Culinary Vegetable Institute puts a simple lasagne made with multiple layers of pasta and tallegio sauce mornay at the center, leaving the rest to the imagination (and pantry) of the chef.  

Lasagne Chips with N’duja Fonduta 

Maybe less traditional, but no less delicious, this is the kind of dish that’s dynamite for holiday celebrations. It’s fun and shareable, different, and brings a little bit of kick to the party with the n’duja heat. Hat tip to Chef Rick Petralia!