Celebrating Pasta at Nordstrom 

As a most-loved food in America, pasta is almost always on the menu…but when is it’s time to shine? For many it’s October, which is National Pasta Month (more on that here). Our friends at Nordstrom Restaurants are giving pasta the feature treatment for two whole months – September and October. We caught up with our friend Chef Michael Boyer, F&B development chef for Nordstrom Restaurant Group, to get the details and a closer look at what they’re dishing out.  

“Pasta is a staple all year long, but it fits the fall season particularly well. It’s a comfort food; it’s got that recognition and appeal across all ages and demographics,” says Boyer. “Whether it’s a bolognese or a cacio e pepe, or one of the specials we’re featuring, pasta satisfies a guest in a way that few other dishes can.” 

Speaking of those features, Nordstrom Cafes and in-store restaurants across the country are featuring Chicken Pasta Rossa, a smoked bacon, chicken, and mushroom-infused dish that highlights our Barilla® Al Bronzo™ Fusilli pasta. Al Bronzo is a premium pasta that uses a custom blend of the highest quality semolina. Its textured surface, formed by bronze die micro-engravings, also grips sauce for a full-bodied, consistent taste. It’s a dish that used to be a mainstay at Nordstrom cafes, and now was the perfect time to bring it back.  

Barilla® Al Bronzo™ Fusilli Chicken Pasta Rossa

The other feature for the season uses classic Barilla® Spaghetti to create a Sweet and Spicy Soy-Mushroom Noodle dish. This cold noodle salad features a seasoned rice vinegar and ginger tamari vinaigrette with soy-roasted mushrooms, pickled carrots, and peanuts. “We’ve been seeing a lot of innovation with Italian pastas combining with Asian ingredients, and loved this dish as a way to bring those flavors together and celebrate a seasonal star in the mushrooms,” explains Boyer. “The texture and bite of a semolina pasta is excellent, and combines so well with the umami flavors.”  

Barilla® Spaghetti Sweet and Spicy Soy-Mushroom Noodle

Hold our calls, we’re headed to the nearest Nordstrom Café!