Getting a Chef’s Take on 2023 Food Trends

We asked a couple of our favorite chefs for their take on 2023 food trends, and 3 ingredients they’re excited to work with in the new year. Chef Latisha (Tish) Rodgers of Levy Restaurant Group and our own Chef Yury Krasilovsky are here with inspiration to last you all year! 

Brown Butter
“The appeal of brown butter is all about the rich nuttiness and savory flavor. As a US flavor trend, it may have started in the south, and as a fall seasonal ingredient it’s tied to dishes like gnocchi and butternut-stuffed pastas with brown butter and sage; but it’s ready to feature all year. Brown butter is so simple and complementary, it can be a star or a supporting player, always classy and elegant.” – Chef Tish

“It brings out sweet, nutty aspects of other foods, increases aromas, it’s basically a flavor enhancer. Adding Maillard through the browning does so much, adding layers and depth of flavor.” -Chef Yury

Chicken Skins
“I don’t like being wasteful, so using every part of the product is important to me, from the bones to the skin. Chicken skins are so savory, flavorful and easy to work with, and they also take on flavors really well. Imagine Cacio e Pepe chicken skins, or lemon-oreganato…the possibilities are endless! -Chef Yury

Cellentani Kotopoulo Skorthato by Chef Yury Krasilovsky

“I’m fond of telling people that chicken skins are “the best part of the chicken” – and yet we so often just toss them aside. They are an ideal crunchy element; just imagine a rich orzo with chicken skin gremolata, or tossed with herbs on a caprese salad, or an over-the-top pappardelle with truffles and a crunchy Calabrian Chile chicken skin topping. Yes please!” -Chef Tish

Maitake Mushrooms
“I love maitakes, and will be excited to see them more often. Deep fried they are almost meaty, dried they can be like a jerky, that craggly surface makes for fantastic texture. I see maitakes moving into the meat replacement space, bumping out more artificial and processed analogs. Maitakes and pasta are a natural marriage. A maitake bolognese could be amazing, or mixed into a cream sauce for that aromatic effect.” -Chef Yury