Meet the Greatest of the Great Bakes

The judges have made their decision, and we have the top entries in the Barilla Great Bakes competition! The creativity shown by all the entrants was truly inspirational – we saw ideas that drew from Greek and Middle Eastern flavors, regional Italian, and even desserts! We hoped the entries would showcase the versatility of Barilla Lasagne Chef no-boil lasagne sheets, and you all did not disappoint. Bravissimo!

Eric Bartholomew of CSM Cost Solutions made a “Low Country Lasagne” that was rated best by the judging panel, and we think you’ll see why:

Chef drew on his Southern upbringing and familiarity with the foods of the gulf coast, and used traditional technique to build a lasagne with decidedly Low Country flair. Layers of blackened crawfish tails, prosciutto, and braised collard greens, come together in a lovely charred tomato bechamel. The crunchy herbed corn bread pangrattato topping provides another regional touch and a textural element that the judges loved. Congratulations chef!

Coming in second place is the “Cinco Queso Lasagne Stack” from Chef Robert Margolis of BCC Catering. The judges liked this as a dish with broad appeal right out of the pan. Who wouldn’t go for this approachable, indulgent entrée either at the restaurant or as a take-home item! Cinco de Mayo anyone? Chef’s creation is smart re-use, too, taking pulled rotisserie chicken and layering it in with an abundance of cheese in the Green Chili Alfredo sauce.

Third prize goes to Chef Michael Boyer from Nordstrom for his modern take on the classic Greek comfort food dish, “Lasagne Moussaka”. Traditionally made with eggplant but built in layers like a lasagne, the translation step was to add pasta to the dish and build it around a lamb ragu and za’atar-roasted eggplant. A bright and simple marinara adds some acidity to cut the richness of the cheeses and bechamel, and helps add color to the plating. We would definitely order this!