A Top 10 Trends List with Layers

The close of 2021 comes with a sense of relief and hope for a new year…and also a slew of trend predictions for the new year. We always love to see what the experts at Flavor & the Menu magazine are predicting for the year to come. Even better, Chef Jamie Simpson at Chef’s Garden brought a slice of Flavor’s Top 10 Trends list to life in a series of dishes featuring our new Barilla Lasagne Chef! Here then is the list, with a few pasta-related notes from our editors:

Salt – America’s “savory tooth” has awakened, and looking for salty flavors and new sources of salt.

Charcuterie – So many plays for pasta here, as charcuterie and Italian food are natural pairings. From prosciutto to guianciale, pancetta to country ham, n’duja to cappocolo, and all manner of salumi.

Island Escape – since we all need some “island time” – the flavors of the Caribbean and other tropical locales will come forward.

Mexican Comfort – from classic dishes like sopa seca to adaptations of sauces like mole or tinga, this is a trend that pairs well with pasta.

Bocadillos – part of bread’s resurgence, this is the little sandwiches packed with flavor that hail from Spain.

Cold Coffee – A beverage trend that’s taken off with younger demographics, and no signs of slowing.

Modern Greek – Much like our favorite Italian cuisines, this is pure Mediterranean food built on fresh, seasonal ingredients, lots of olive oil and healthy veggies and proteins. When that leads to dishes like “Spicy Casarecce with assorted cherry tomatoes, olives, basil and Nasturtium”, or this Mediterranean Chickpea Pasta Salad, what’s not to like?

Hand Pies – portable, travels well, flexes from savory to sweet. Enough said.

Banana – is this food that’s in every home in America ripe for a star turn?

Plant-Based Seafood – next up in the alt-protein space, new developments are making seafood from plants a viable option.

Click the following links to see Jamie’s artfully conceived renditions of Modern Greek, Charcuterie (pictured) and Salt.