Barilla & The Chef’s Garden Recipe Builder

As two family-owned companies dedicated to making and growing wholesome, delicious foods, we’re really excited to partner on this #JustAddBarilla vegetable box. Both Barilla and The Chef’s Garden are committed to sustainable food ways and making plant-forward eating more a part of the American lifestyle. With the pandemic disrupting The Chef’s Garden’s customer base of chefs and restaurants around the world, these direct-to-consumer boxes are key to keeping their amazing family farm going. And we can’t think of a better way to pair the best pasta in the world than with the best veggies in the world!

Barilla’s Foodservice team and chefs have worked with The Chef’s Garden for many years, and always look forward to the opportunity to draw inspiration from Farmer Lee’s amazing veggies. We think you will be inspired too! 

Each week, the #JustAddBarilla box will have a selection of The Chef’s Garden’s seasonal vegetables—those that pair best with pasta. You be the chef…grab your favorites and roast or grill or sauté them and #JustAddBarilla for a meal that will always satisfy.

Not feeling creative? Seek some inspiration from Barilla’s chefs Yury and Lorenzo. See what they chose to make with the boxes they received!

*Note boxes are all different and intended to pair with pasta…you may not receive all ingredients in each recipe in your box, depending on seasonal availability.

Tap the recipes below to see what Chefs Yury and Lorenzo were inspired to make, and explore chef tips, fun facts, & more!

Tap the recipes below to see the full recipe and explore chef tips, fun facts, & more!

Show & Tell

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