Pasta Encyclopedia: Penne

Penne, which translates to “quill pen,” is one of the most popular pasta shapes in the world. The simple tubular shape with angled ends is found everywhere, and in every variety from whole grain to semolina, gluten-free to veggie, Protein+™ to the new legume. There’s also mini penne, called mezze (or half-size) penne, penne lisce (leash-ay), which is smooth penne, as well as the ridged, penne rigate.  Why is it so popular? The shape is easy to make, holds sauces well, and is durable under intense foodservice conditions.

Here is a collection of some of our favorite penne recipes, from an artichoke and peppadew pasta on veggie penne to a dish on lentil penne that uses an innovative “Italian umami butter” made with anchovies. Buon appetito!

Red Lentil Penne with Cauliflower, Broccoli, and Italian Umami Butter
Pollo Mole Poblano Penne