Pasta Encyclopedia: Cut Macaroni

Welcome to the Pasta Encyclopedia! In each issue, we will dive into everything you need to know about a select Barilla pasta cut. This issue, we’re talking about Cut Macaroni.

Cut Macaroni, is named for its tubular shape that can vary in size and be either smooth or ridged. These small tubes pair best with dairy-based sauces with or without vegetables, and chunky fish or meat-based sauces.

Cut Macaroni originated from Northern and Central Italy, where it’s traditionally used in soups. It’s also perfect for Canadian favorites like pasta salad and the always macaroni & cheese.

Your Opportunity: Macaroni & cheese is the perfect way to add cut macaroni to a menu. Mac & cheese menu penetration is up 1.4% in the past five years. From the classic mac and cheese to trend-heavy version’s like these Fried Mac and Cheese Balls – the possibilities are endless!