Steal this Idea! Vegetarian Sesame Noodles

The ideas, photos and recipes coming to us from our partnership with School Meals That Rock are an amazing source of inspiration. One of our recent favorites was from Zahava Roth and Kim Minestra from Evanston, IL.

They posted a picture of a student’s plate, with a portion of Asian-style noodles, tofu and veggies, balanced with a fresh apple and chocolate milk. Clearly a student favorite, they adapted a recipe for sesame noodles they found online and made it NSLP-compliant! The whole grain spaghetti dish can be served cold or room temperature, making a super-easy serve. And the colors from the veggies help it look great on the plate, too!


To mix it up, they’ll sometimes swap out the sesame for a peanut sauce – a genius way to use up commodity peanut butter. Thanks for sharing Zahava and Kim!

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