#BarillaPastaDayGiveaway – January 2017

The new year is off to a great start at #BarillaPastaDayGiveaway with creative, smart and fun examples of healthy and delicious Barilla Whole Grain pasta dishes coming in from all over the country. As a reminder, each month for a whole year we’re randomly drawing a winner to receive $500 for their school! December’s winner was Lisa Latine from Mentor Public Schools in Ohio — congratulations!

Lisa Latine postWe’ve noticed a trend of Latin flavors lately, from Lisa’s Mexican Mac and Cheese to Fiesta Mac at Eagle-Saginaw. The Mexican mac uses queso cheese and crumbled tortilla chips for a crunchy topping. As Meghan Martinson from Eagle-Saginaw put it, “It’s a fusion of a favorite comfort food and Mexican flavors.” Spicy Latin flavors are a great match with whole grain pasta, and definitely what kids are looking for these days.

We can’t wait to see what next month brings! Enter today at barillafs.com/K12Giveaway and start sharing your photos. Next month’s winner could be you! Don’t forget to include #BarillaPastaDayGiveaway.