Fideo – Cut Spaghetti

Fideo, or Cut Spaghetti, is a pasta shape more common in Latin countries than here in the U.S. Essentially angel hair cut into smaller inch-long pieces, fideo is the Spanish word for “noodle,” and may have some roots in Arabic language and cuisine. It’s traditionally made in Spain and Mexico in a pilaf-style method, where the dry pasta is toasted in oil before cooking. A classic dish is Sopa Seca de Fideo — literally “dry soup with noodles.” It’s Latin comfort food at its best, with toasted pasta cooked in a thick liquid of pureed tomatoes, chicken stock, onions and spices, and often topped with queso fresco and avocado. The pasta absorbs all of the liquid, hence the “dry soup” name, resulting in a soft, flavorful and hearty dish. Fideo also works well in brothy soups, like this one.