Innovators: Chef Anthony Jacquet, The Whisper Lounge, Los Angeles


One of the trends experts are looking for in 2014 is the increased use of chilies and spices in all kinds of menu items. Chef Anthony Jacquet of the Whisper Lounge in Los Angeles is ahead of the curve with his “Blue Crab and Serrano Fettucine.” Here’s how he describes it:

“This dish is the result of collaboration with one of our regular customers and great friends of the restaurant. He happens to be the director of a nationally televised show and loves to cook. He loves seafood, especially crab, and spicy foods, so we found a perfect match with the Serrano chilies and blue crab. The addition of mint, tarragon and chives enhances the seafood aspect, and the mint really complements the Serranos. The buttery lemon sauce coating the Barilla pasta balances and tames the heat from the chilies, which can be pretty intense at times. Our guests love this dish!”