Benvenuti to the Barilla Test Kitchen!

Lorenzo Boni Lo Res RGB

Benvenuti to the Barilla Test Kitchen! As you probably know, we launched our Barilla Gluten Free Pastaat the end of 2013 after nearly four years in development. As widespread as gluten free has become, it was next to impossible to find a pasta option that looked and tasted like pasta…until now!

Gluten plays a crucial role in traditional pasta’s durability and performance. Without it, chefs need to be aware that the best techniques and procedures for gluten free are a bit different. In working extensively with our Gluten Free Pasta in the test kitchen, we’ve learned a lot about how it performs and have compiled some best practices and tips for chefs:

  • Agitate the pasta during the first 1-2 minutes of cooking to achieve balanced      distribution and avoid clumping.
  • Add your sauce immediately after draining your Gluten Free Pasta. Too much time in the skillet can lead to over-thickening of the sauce.
  • Serve pasta salads at room temperature to maintain optimal texture.
  • Double-cook Gluten Free Pasta as you would traditional pasta, just reheat and serve it quickly.
  • Keep your Gluten Free Pasta dishes separate from other foods in your kitchen to avoid cross-contamination.


Lorenzo Boni, Executive Chef, Barilla America